Noesa is a natural brown sugar that produced from the sugarcane sap and raised on the slopes of Mount Tambora at the banks of Saleh Bay. This sugar could last for a period of time because of the perseverance of the local farmers in Sumbawa from the uncertain weather conditions.


art direction, packaging
Egghead - Noesa Brown Sugar - Packaging Design
Noesa is not only inventing the finest brown sugar but they also tell stories of the humans that play huge role in the production process, enhancing the value of each product.
Egghead - Noesa Brown Sugar - Stationery Design

From the word “Nusantara”, “Nusa” means “island” in Sanskrit. Indonesia consists of many islands from Sabang, at the west end, to Merauke Island, at the east end. Egghead develops a strong brand identity starting with executing the fact, the objective, the strategy-development process based on the research insight. Noesa hears each people who are contributed to the production process, sharing these stories with hope that act of kindness will return to the people.

Egghead - Noesa Brown Sugar - Company Profile Design

Just like a sugarcane that has grown mildly in a previously empty land, Noesa has given hope through its passion and compassionate in bringing prosperity to the local farmers through the Indonesian agricultures, working hard in achieving their goals and humble in sharing and giving back to farmers and their consumers.

Egghead - Noesa Brown Sugar - Packaging Design

Mimicking how sugarcane plays an important role on the production of the brown sugar, the visuals have a lot of sugarcane interpretation as well – the rectangle shape of the stem and the organic shape of the leaf. Egghead made the packaging in a tube shape to resembles the shape.

Egghead - Noesa Brown Sugar - Packaging Design
Egghead - Noesa Brown Sugar - Packaging Design