We’re a branding consultant based in Singapore & Jakarta specialising in branding services and integrated marketing solutions from digital to spatial design.

It’s been 8 years since our small step in 2012, we keep our focus on building brands that deliver exceptional experiences and impact which create loyalty beyond reason.

  • Communicate Your Brand Through Storytelling

    Through brand story, you can effectively humanize your brand and communicate who you are, what you do, and how you can help people.

    Communicate Your Brand Through Storytelling
  • Thanks to COVID-19, We're on Trending Topic!

    People are increasingly do gaming to fill the empty hours of quarantine days. Apex Legend recorded a jump two to three times of viewers in the first season of quarantine in 2020.

    Thanks to COVID-19, We're on Trending Topic!
  • Don't Be a "Me-Too" Brand

    These days a lot of people tend to copy other brands. Instead of being inspired by other brands and use them as a benchmark, they prefer copying them with the hopes of gaining the same success.

    Don't Be a "Me-Too" Brand
  • Eggxercise - Egghead Rebranding Project

    A fun project for interns in the batch of January-July 2020. The objective is to conduct refreshment for Egghead Branding Consultants.

    Eggxercise - Egghead Rebranding Project
  • Learning from Success

    No matter how successful you are, staying constantly vigilant, dynamic, and adaptive, ensures yesterday’s triumphs translates to tomorrows success

    Learning from Success