Egghead’s work for Astra Life presents a new kind of case study; an insurance brand that thinks outside the gutter, destroying the stereotype of insurance – breaking the stigma and creating a new perception. Insurance are usually act as an umbrella during the rain, to protect people during the storm. Astra Life believe that insurance can be more than that, it can be important for us in sunny days too, just like a trampoline that supports us and make us jump higher, reaching our dreams.


art direction, brand implementation
Egghead - Astra Life - Tagline Design
Egghead - Astra Life - Logo Design
Egghead - Astra Life - Brand Color Palette
Egghead - Astra Life - Brand Color Palette
Astra Life now serve more than 10 million consumers every year, through 183 subsidiary and more than 200.000 employees. Astra Life dreams to always support the nation and the people to reach their dreams.
Egghead - Astra Life - Company Profile Design

Understanding the background story of Astra Life, Egghead assits in terms of building a suitable tone of voice and perception for the brand. In order to have their new concept of insurance be accepted easily in the market, Astra Life needs to be easy to approach therfor Egghead builds a fun and friendly look for Astra Life. Using this approach, Egghead now ables to explore different types of communication strategy so that Astra Life’s voice can be heard.


Together with Astra Life visions, Egghead creates a fun and friendly characters for Astra Life. With this, Egghead has created larger possibilities for the brand to communicate with their consumers. It can be expanded not only as a mascot but it can also penetrates to the digital world.

Egghead - Astra Life - Billboard Design
Egghead - Astra Life - Website Design
Egghead - Astra Life - Calendar Design
Egghead - Astra Life - Mascot Design
Egghead - Astra Life - Mascot Design
Egghead - Astra Life - Mascot Design

Egghead has also improve Astra Life’s way of advertise communication such as billboards, brochure etc. Developing a more fun concept and easy to understand for their consumers as an Insurance that is different than others, an insurance that understands and wants to help achieving dreams. Egghead has also created an interactive and empowering calendar for Astra Life, making their vision into reality.

Egghead - Astra Life - Calendar Design
Astra Life has reached #19 best life insurance company out of 60 and #10 of bancasurrance our of 60 insurance companies.
Egghead - Astra Life - Billboard Design
Egghead - Astra Life - Application Design
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