Great connection was built long enough by the previous brand of Check. Thus, they gained a favorable position to access numerous target audiences by the time it was initially launched. Beyond that, Check’s previous brand acquired a good understanding of market’s condition as a result of forging a good reputation with distribution channels across Indonesia such as Java, Medan, Makassar, and Palembang. 


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Egghead - Check Shoes - Logo
Going Through Years of Experience
Egghead - Check Shoes - Logo Implementation

You’ll eventually reach your destination, one step at a time

In reaching your goal, sometimes you have to go through some bumpy roads. As a new brand, Check surely faces some challenges. Seeing a lot of competitors in the footwear market, it is obvious that customer’s trust and loyalty is rather difficult to build for a new brand that they just discovered. 

Life becomes an exciting adventure when we experience it with the right person

Nowadays, there are countless names of footwear brands leaning toward the lifestyle-focused younger generation who perceive shoes as an appealing element of fashion trends. However, there is one thing that slowly shifts the youth’s preferences on footwear
brands - comfort over looks. The desire to wear a comfortable walking companion is something that many youths authentically seek to fuel their spirit in starting an adventure anywhere in the world. 

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