Investing in People, Empowering The Future.

Raising capital funds seems like a classic, yet vexing problem. While every startup founders find it difficult to raise capital, it's often even more challenging for micropreneur who had met with rejection and even failed their venture repeatedly. Esta Dana Ventura is here to change that, by providing a seamless and reliable funding alternative to help their audience in achieving financial freedom.


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Egghead - Esta Dana Ventura - Brand Analysis Background
Channeling a Change
Egghead - Esta Dana Ventura - Brand Logo Design

Despite known as one of the fastest-growing funding companies, Esta Dana Ventura was little-known among the market. Furthermore, the brand identity was struggling to connect with the audience and did little justice to keep their vision afloat. With a profound strategy, we helped Esta Dana Ventura define its true value and hold its rightful position in the market.

Egghead - Esta Dana Ventura - Brand Implementation Business Card Design
Igniting the Spark

We recognized that Esta Dana Ventura’s major force was found in its ability to assist the people in making a difference. With this insight, we developed a new brand strategy which goes beyond simply offering capital funds; a venture capital that gives a new definition of growth—that is more collaborative and impactful.

 A brand architecture system that supports Esta Dana Ventura as the parent brand was further added, as to unify the group-level operations under a shared expression.


Egghead - Esta Dana Ventura - Brand Implementation Social Media Design Guideline
Embracing the New Light

In addition to the new brand strategy, we created a new identity focusing on the idea of providing for people’s needs. The new logo sun-like form speaks to how Esta Dana Ventura embodies new hope and infinite potentials. As the identity shines for a brighter future, the current visual system rounded off the whole brand with well-matched implementations.

From this point forward, Esta Dana Ventura will continue to provide accessible funding solution, encourage future growth, and help create a real change by nurturing small entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

Egghead - Esta Dana Ventura - Brand Implementation Website Design
Egghead - Esta Dana Ventura - Brand Implementation Billboard Design
Egghead - Esta Dana Ventura - Brand Implementation Poster Design
Egghead - Esta Dana Ventura - Brand Implementation SIgnage Design
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