Seeing the Bigger Picture

In a world where photography plays an important role in society, Sweet Escape has gained a foothold for its event and travel photography services. Still, there were no platforms for business owners to fulfill all of their photography needs professionally at a fair price. And that’s where Sweet Escape wanted to enter the game.


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Egghead - Fotto - Typography Element Design & Tagline
Universal Language for Photography
Egghead - Fotto - Brand Naming

To match the innovative nature of Sweet Escape’s brand, the new company needed a touch of sensibility to make its mark globally. We created a familiar name: Fotto—a candid, memorable word that’s tied to the services and relevant to global audiences. Hence born, Fotto by Sweet Escape, a brand that exists to make impactful photography through connecting the right clients with the right talents anytime, anywhere.

Egghead - Fotto - Brand Voice & Graphic Element

Building a Visual Bond

We created an identity that retains some familiar shape — the conjoining ’T’ and simplified camera symbol ‘O’ — subtly addressing the brand personality and core service into the logo. The lens-like circular symbol became the foundation of the visual system, allowing flexibility and functionality across print and digital applications.

Egghead - Fotto - Brand Voice
Snap Buddy in Every Needs

Fotto aims to make people familiar with good quality photography, even more so in everyday needs. Sleek and friendly, the brand opened the way to a broader relationship with photography that offers a broad range of visual content creation services globally.

Egghead - Fotto - Brand Graphic Element & Photography
Egghead - Fotto - Brochure Design
Egghead - Fotto - ID Card Design
TX TravelEgghead - Fotto - Graphic Element & Photography
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