Sewn to life in 2014, Mississippi Ladies emerged to the stage, creating stylish and elegant officewear for every woman. Strutting their stuff from small cities, Mississippi Ladies has gained a large following, now selling in over 30 cities in Indonesia. But with the increasing competition and big names in the retail market, how will Mississippi Ladies prevail and come out on top?


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Egghead - Mississipi Ladies  - Logo Design Implementation
A diamond in the rough, yet to be discovered.
Egghead - Mississipi Ladies - Logo Implementation

Losing Their Spark in the Fierce Fashion World

After taking a look into their brand, we’ve found out that Mississippi Ladies lacks consistency, and both of their guidelines and SOP are not applied properly, which could result in a poor brand image. As they are struggling to find their spot in the tight competition, how will they conquer the coveted fashion throne? 

Every Lady is a Woman, but not Every Woman is a Lady

While many the competitors like to portray women as wild, young, and free, we’re here to give them a head to toe makeover. We’ve stitched and sewn a new brand strategy that goes beyond offering good clothing, but in redefining women as confident and gorgeous ladies. We’ve created a new identity and visual standards for them, to restore the luster of the brand.

Egghead - Mississipi Ladies - Tag
Egghead - Mississipi Ladies - Stationeries

Like a Bar of Gold, A Lady is Refined

The implementation embodied a lady itself, sophisticated and confident. Dominated with emerald green and beige, the visual approach of their typography and logomark have been formed simply yet effectively. Through this makeover, we want Mississippi Ladies to be able to stand tall like a Lady among the crowd, and become your go-to fashion brand.

Egghead - Mississipi Ladies - Store Signage Egghead - Mississipi Ladies - Shopping Bag
Egghead - Mississipi Ladies - Store Signage Egghead - Mississipi Ladies - Flag Banner
Egghead - Mississipi Ladies - Heels
Egghead - Mississipi Ladies - bag
Egghead - Mississipi Ladies - Website
Egghead - Mississipi Ladies - Website Mobile