It isn't about tea
Tea has long been a part of Indonesia and there were plenty of tea brands brandishing their way to the Indonesian market each year. Despite the grand prospect of being the largest agrarian country in the world, farmers in Indonesia continue to live under poverty. Rowadu knew and decided to make a change, hence born: the tea in the name of Indonesia, a form to give back to Indonesian farmers.


art direction, packaging
Egghead - Rowadu - Packaging Design
A voice that rings true
Egghead - Rowadu - Packaging Design

The word Rowadu itself came from a local lingo in East Indonesia. The direct translation is “to be the helping hand that passes on the gift from mother nature,” which speaks of their ability to enable linear dialogues between farmers and consumers. From this foundation, we then began to develop a packaging that would reflect Rowadu’s needs.

Rowadu Implementation
Harmonious Connection

We started by streamlining the packaging with batik, the most powerful elements to create an authentic and versatile connection with Indonesia. Although beautiful, batik can be overwhelming. We seek harmony between the pattern and its surrounding space while exploring the hierarchies. The vivid color palette takes inspiration from the surrounding nature in Indonesia, such as lush green fields and calm blue seas. 


The new design celebrates Indonesian heritage with a mindful approach in combining colors and printing techniques, which successfully highlighting the beautiful Batik pattern. The blend of color and pattern provides a touch of elegance while offering unprecedented attention as the brand continues to take root in Indonesian tea culture.

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