Eyelash extention has overcome the beauty market making it a new product for women beauty needs and creating a pool of competitive eyelash services from different brands. Ruhee enters the dynamic market with a different approach of eyelash extention.


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Egghead - Ruhee - Logo Design Implementation
Ruhee means the girl who touches the heart. Using this name, we hope Ruhee to be able to touch every customers making them believe that beauty does not have to be painful.
Egghead - Ruhee - Store Logo Design Implementation

The challenge was to be able to find a gap in the market that fits well with Ruhee. Through research and auditing Egghead asked 100 people on their perception towards eyelash extention — collecting all the information Egghead found another approach that could differentiate Ruhee from other competitors, creating high quality products with mid to low end price.

Egghead - Ruhee - Logo & Packaging Design

Instead of approaching with sweet and elegant mood for the brand which most eyelash are towards to, Egghead builds the visuals towards a different approach — making Ruhee a simple and confidence ‘women’.

Egghead - Ruhee - Lashes Packaging Design

These ideas are then implemented on the logo where it carelessly written ‘Ruhee’ as if it was a classic signature showing how practical and simple Ruhee is. Ruhee also believes that beauty doesn’t has to be painful, it can be effortless. She implemented these ideas at her home that are now open at Senayan City Mall and GoWork Setiabudi.

Egghead - Ruhee - Packaging Design
Egghead - Ruhee - Soothing Pack Packaging Design
Egghead - Ruhee - Brochure Catalog Design
Egghead - Ruhee - Packaging Design
Egghead - Ruhee - Store Mood
Egghead - Ruhee - Interior Design Mood